Where you are is not who you are

Jul 08, 2020 - Written by Ananya Mangwani

Where you are is not who you are

Lucky Lucy.

According to some great scientists whose names I don’t care enough to remember, humans only access up to 10% of their brain capacity. Isn’t that really really ridiculous? So when we compare the multiple numbers of IQ and EQ and spend half our waking life in constant competition to be smarter, we are in fact working with 10%? This is a joke okay, and every time I fail a test, I feel really better that my unlocked 90% is better than everyone.

There are bigger issues in the world and no I’m not talking about the people hungry in Africa. In the movie Lucy, she takes a ton of drugs and activates the benign part of the brain. I would honestly lose my mind (ironically) if that happens to me.

Imagine the amount of overthinking I will manage to fit using extra than my 10%. It’s a roller coaster with the already malfunctioning brain I have. It’s unimaginable how much potential I would need to create an existential crisis and ruin my own peace of mind or maybe I would possess the intelligence to get my shit together but then again knowing me, my chances are as slim as me finding a mind opening (pun unintended) amount of drugs like that.

Anthropology 101

I have come to know that 50% of our bodies is micro-organisms, bacteria and all that gooey stuff. So basically half of what makes you - you is not essential to you. John Green was onto something and it blew my mind. I found myself in situations where I say I don’t feel like myself, well DUH! My ecosystem is like a whole Smurf village inside me which obviously isn’t me. 70% water, 50% by a complicated biology and 2% brain. You get where I’m getting at right?

You barely even get to work with a lot but at the same time end up displaying a ginormous amount of emotions, actions and justification and your neurons are to be blamed for that.

Yeah I am saying what you are thinking.

There is a certain kind of relationship which is acceptable to me. What I approve of is commensalism. This biotic relationship is mutually beneficial to both parties - said no lawyer ever. Ammensalism is straight up rejection and assault. A more subtle version would be cutting off relationships, which I highly recommended. It is extremely liberating and power trippy. Parasitism is one that needs immediate attention. Its is inside you, feeding off of your micro-organisms. This isn’t metaphorical because you actually do have micro-organisms ready to be fed off, but, I am talking about the stupid vascular organ responsible for pumping blood. If someone is being a parasite in your heart I suggest, get rid of them. Do it.

Talking about vascular organs keeping you alive, I would not be an expert in the matter. Sufficient reruns of Grey’s Anatomy has taught me so much to do with the physical trauma to the so-called ‘unlivable’ muscle push one of laceration valve reconstruction of the emotional drama nobody talks about and nobody cares.

I propose a massive alteration to the structure of our education system. We need to teach our kids to believe in themselves and pay attention. Take ahead from your experiences and walk around without an irrational fear of being judged and constantly thinking about what the other person wants. This can and will slowly eat you up from inside.

On a daily basis, my human mind (which as you can see) can generate a lot of amazing ideas but instead I choose to spend hours of my precious time going through what the person thinks about me and what he/she thinks about me thinking about him/her. It’s baffling to me how much time I physically spend and exhaust over every human interaction and it weighs on my mind for a long time.

Years ago when I read the quote ‘being alone is an addiction’ and a dangerous one, I couldn’t begin to comprehend what it meant. I loved being in a crowd, but I foolishly thought I wouldn’t be lonely anymore. Now, I put in an extensive energy and time of my day trying to strike a balance between being alone and working myself as well as socializing and associating with humans.

Now to address one issue I call people - human beings. Let’s not kid ourselves people, everyone dies. This is not dark, it’s just the truth. So don’t get too attached to me too.

This shall end like everything really amazing does.


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