Overthinking is injurious to health

Jul 14, 2020 - Written by Ananya Mangwani

Overthinking is injurious to health

Do you spark joy? Because I surely do!

Close your eyes and think of 3 words to describe yourself. A big brown confused mess would describe me pretty accurately. You see how I hesitated to say anything positive? I have so many positive qualities but I’ll probably live through my entire life in self doubt. But here is one way you can try to remove that.

External Factors: Marie - Kondo It:

I always thought that getting your sh*t together was fairly simple and started with ‘Marie Kondoing’ your room or necessarily life.

People started doing that with closets and stuff I tried to do in my life and relationship. Clothes are so much easier to let go and depart then people and that’s a fact. I have my mom for Marie Kondo in my closet but in my life this confused person took the reins. Oh it was like the inside of a bloody natural home birth. It got messy. I had to really push hard and the result was, I was roughly 9 pounds lighter. I’ll explain before you get grossed out.

I ask myself, does this person bring me joy? Am I constantly putting myself down? When I’m in association with this individual do I feel like this is a symbiotic or a parasitic relationship? Basically, do you change your outfit a 100 times not because you have a crush on them, but, because they might embarrass you in public?

If its a a big fat NO, then they are toxic and you have to get rid of them.

Sheldon Cooper asked his mother why people cry at weddings. They seem to be preparing for the future. Apart from being hilarious, it’s also a very accurate and realistic prediction. It really resonated with me, and if you think about it, everything we do, ends up to be a tiny contribution to something big in life. Every decision, every choice leads up to something. The size of the action is absolutely subjective. Buying a meal is as big as buying a house for your mom. Not belittling or restricting the extent of these actions but let’s micro analyse this. Every thought we have, results in a choice, a preference comes from multiple opinions liking and disliking. I’m good enough to come to a decision which often results in the adding to your core that defines you as a person as a part of the society.

Speaking of drugs I have to say I have massive admiration and appreciation for the whole Mexican drug cartel. Recently I watched the marvellous Narcos. Pablo Escobar, Miguel Angel, Guzman all these guys are amazing. The Lopez ladies are freaking awesome. What resilience these guys have to do crime! That’s the kind of dedication I need not for crime, but for life. What strikes me the most is that no one really did anything massively for money. It begins with a tiny motivation of money but in the end it’s something so much bigger.

People killed, did so many elaborate, extremely dramatic and public acts just to get the attention of the big boss or to get invited to parties. The foundation of it is family, love or money. They all do these things for their ‘family’ or to be a part of the cartel, which is a family. That’s the basis of every tiny weed dealer getting to the cartel. The desperate need to be a part of something so gigantic and bigger than yourself and a sense of belonging is something each of us have. I understand a loyal relationship that you are willing to die for, and I mean literally die for. It really comes down to that it’s not the hideous crime. If you look at it, a bunch of guys seemingly smoking stuff and then sharing it. No biggie.

We have accents, dress a certain way, eat a certain food, consume a certain type of media, join a certain club or even adopt a certain lifestyle so that we can get identified with someone who is similar to us. This is where I get confused because I thought everyone had to be ‘unique’ and ’extraordinary’. If we all are trying to just get clumped into groups all the time what even is the whole point?

I do not endorse drugs by the way, just trying to find a silver lining.


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